Cardiau Cyfarchion Cymraeg / Welsh Greeting Cards

Byddai pobol ifanc yn dweud fod anfon cerdyn yn beth “hen ffasiwn” a byddai’r to hyn yn deud ei fod yn arferiad drud iawn herbyn rwan. Mae’n haws gan rai anfon neges dext, Facebook, llun ar Instagram neu sgwrs ar Facetime. Ond, mae rhai eraill yn meddwl bod negeseuon felly’n amhersonol a bod o ddim yn dod gan ffrind go iawn fel neges ffon neu lythyr a cherdyn hen ffasiwn. Dwi’n dal i joio chwilio am gardiau addas i nheulu a ffrindiau, ac ma llawer iawn o ddewis yn y siopa. Ia, yn y SIOPA ac nid siopa ar-lein! Dwi’n un sy’n licio teimlo’r stwff dwi am brynu yn hytrach nag archebu rhywbeth ar y we. Mae’n drafferthus chwilota am bethau gwahanol ar-lein heb sôn am orfod rhoi eich gwybodaeth bersonol i mewn i ryw gyfrifiadur lle gall unrhyw un ei hacio a defnyddio gwybodaeth i’w dibenion eu hunain! I fyny at ddeg, bymtheg mlynedd yn dol, digon prin oedd y dewis am gardiau amrywiol efo ychydig o hiwmor yn y ‘captions’ ac roedd y lluniau bob amser run fath – parchusrwydd y capal yn parhau yn y Gymru fodern ma siwr! Ond, erbyn hyn, mae mwy o fentergarwch yn rhan o’n penna busnes ni. Mae rhai cwmnïau cardiau bach yn mentro gam ymhellach gan bersonoleiddio cardiau i un ardal arbennig yn y gogledd sef Gnarfon lle mae’r “C Word” yn amlwg iawn! Maent yn mynd ymhellach gan ddefnyddio’r “F Word” a dywediadau digon amrwd hefyd sy’n gallu bod yn ddoniol iawn yn lleol, ond ddim i weddill Cymru falla. Ond chware teg iddyn nhw am fentro a rhoi naw wfft i unrhyw un sy’n dal i fyw yn oes yr arth a’r blaidd. Mae penillion mewn cardiau yn dal i fod yn brin. Ond, mae un cwmni wedi mynd ati i gynhyrchu rhai sy’n addas i bob oed ac achlysur sef Cyfres Wahanol, ac mae’r darlunia i gyd wedi eu cynllunio gan artist fuodd yn byw’n lleol yn Gnarfon. Mae yno benillion bach syml i blant, pobl ifanc ac oedolion, ac mae cerdyn i bethe mor amrywiol a Bedyddio, Ymddeol, Pen-blwydd 18 a 21, 40 – 90, a hefyd Pasio Prawf Gyrru ac Arholiadau. Ro’n i’n chwilio am gerdyn efo pennill i Taid yn 100 oed, ond er nad oes yr un yn y gyfres yma, roedd digon o opsiynau eraill ganddyn nhw er enghraifft “Taid” ac “I Berson Arbennig” neu “Pen-blwydd Dedwydd”.

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Mamod steam engine

Got the old Mamod minor 1 engine running, kids love it (and me).

It smells somewhat like a real steam engine. 

It entertained the kids until it ran out of steam (pun intended), then they went back on their ipads.

Mamod is a British toy manufacturer specialising in manufacturing live steammodels. The company was founded in 1937 in Birmingham in the UK by Geoffrey Malins. The name is a portmanteau of ‘Ma’ lins ‘Mod’ els’. Malins started off making steam engines which were sold under the Hobbies brand name but he soon started selling them under the Mamod brand name. The first models produced were of stationary steam engines. Much later the company also began creating models of road rollers, traction engines, steam wagons and other steam road vehicles. These models were aimed at the toy market, so were simple to operate and ran at low boiler pressures for safety but were not accurate scale models.

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Plex Monitoring Tool – Plexpy / Tautulli Guide

Plex Monitoring Tool – Plexpy / Tautulli installation guide

PlexPy or now called Tautulli since a major upgrade is a must have monitoring tool if you have a Plex Media Server.

It makes the Plex experience so much better by being able to monitor who is watching and when. You can even set up notifications via email or an android app.

To install on Ubuntu 15 / 16 follow the below steps.

Install Git

Open terminal and enter the below
sudo apt-get install git-core

cd /opt (install in this folder)
git clone
cd Tautulli
python (to start the program)

Tautulli will be loaded in your browser or listening on http://localhost:8181

You may need to fix permissions if you have any errors

Allow all users to run: sudo chmod -R 777 Tautulli
Allow only a certain user to run: sudo chown -R tautulli:tautulli Tautulli

To start on startup you will a startup daemon as follows.
In a terminal type
sudo touch /etc/systemd/system/tautulli.service
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/tautulli.service

Then paste the below and then save.
[Unit] Description=Tautilli / plexpy

[Service] Type=simple
ExecStart=/usr/bin/python /opt/plexpy/


Then enable and start the service as follows
sudo systemctl enable tautulli.service
sudo systemctl start tautulli.service
To update at any point go to /opt/Tautilli and type “git pull” in the terminal.

If you you get an error after upgrading from PlexPy to Tautuilli you will simply need to refer the daemon startup script to rather than

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The not so ‘perfect’guide to being a single mother…

To be honest, no one can ever teach you how to be a parent, no one can ever prepare you for all that comes with your new parent status.

You seem to think about all the nice and happy stuff, the cuddles the pictures, the first steps , the first teeth or first hair cut, but no one can really prepare you for the long nights of colic, the teething pain that you endure just as much as your child- as there is nothing you can do to comfort them, yet you feel the pain just as much.

nobody prepares you for the tiredness that you will endure the rest of your life, whether it be night feeds, sickness or even just worry,,, and to be honest nobody prepares you for the loneliness you can feel, there is only so much iggle piggle and peppa pig you can take.

being a single parent i have endured all of the above, it’s been hard at times, and i know harder times are coming… the drunken nights, the girlfriends OMG nothing will prepare me for that.

But in all honesty them struggles I’ve endured have made me the strong independent woman I am today ,,, a full time worker and a full time single mother.  So my advice to anyone is – put the self help books down, do not compare yourself to others… and there is no such thing as being a ‘perfect mother’. 🙂


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The Greatest Showman – Review

WOW WOW WOW – what an amazing film, a film that brings people from all walks of life together through music and dance. Human equality at its best. I wast expecting to be so moved by the film, from start to finish i was captivated by jackman’s beautiful voice – as well as good looks! not to mention the gorgeous yet talented Zac efron ( though i’d say he’s more of an actor than singer) together in one scene at the bar – i just wanted to get in there and get on the bar with them!.

such a feel good, fun, moving movie, if your a fan of moulin rouge, mixed with a bit of grease an les mis then this film is for you – cannot wait to get it on dvd and dance and sing in the comfort of my own home 🙂

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Bala Town

Holidays in Bala North Wales

Bala is an excellent destination in North Wales for a holiday / short weekend break. The views are incredible thanks to the surrounding mountains and its famous lake known as Llyn Tegid (Tegid Lake). There are plenty of things to do for all the family. Bala is a market town in a community where the Welsh Language is thriving. There are plenty of cafe’s, pubs and restaurants for the family.

Here is a list of some local attractions.

Why not comment below

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Husqvarna TE630

Taking the te630 out on the trails  you notice that you don’t feel as tired in comparison to a day out on the DRZ400. This is thanks to it’s suspension absorbing all that rough terrain. All though a tad heavy you can still keep up with the rest and go anywhere. The 600cc engine puts a smile on you face when you open that throttle.

The Husqvarna TE630 is a Enduro / offroad bike sold from year 2010. Its dry weight is 115.0 kg. The engine is single cylinder four stroke. Husqvarna TE 630 front suspension uses 45mm Marzocchi with an adjustable rebound damping. The rear suspension is equiped with achs Multi Adjustable Shock with Soft Damp Linkage . Stock tire sizes are 90/90-21 on the front, and 140/80-18 on the rear. As for stopping power, the Husqvarna TE 630 braking system includes Single disc size at the front and Single disc size  at the rear.

It has mikuni EFI and the diagnostic uses ibeat software installed only on windows xp or windows 7 32bit.

Although husqvarna don’t make this bike anymore, SWM have since taken over the factory and employs the same staff to  produce SWM RS650r and other bikes which are exactly the same bikes as the Husqvarna pre KTM.

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Plex Media Server

Plex is an excellent media server. It can organise  media on your server or computer and stream to any device with the plex app installed within your house. Not only this you can stream on the move or anywhere in the world and share with other users.

The best part for me its ability to record / organise terrestrial  aired TV or Movies with Netflix style covers and menus.  It will record an entire TV series and even remove any commercials.

I have mine instead on a dedicated ubuntu server. Check out the below link for information guide

more to follow….

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