Mamod steam engine

Got the old Mamod minor 1 engine running, kids love it (and me).

It smells somewhat like a real steam engine. 

It entertained the kids until it ran out of steam (pun intended), then they went back on their ipads.

Mamod is a British toy manufacturer specialising in manufacturing live steammodels. The company was founded in 1937 in Birmingham in the UK by Geoffrey Malins. The name is a portmanteau of ‘Ma’ lins ‘Mod’ els’. Malins started off making steam engines which were sold under the Hobbies brand name but he soon started selling them under the Mamod brand name. The first models produced were of stationary steam engines. Much later the company also began creating models of road rollers, traction engines, steam wagons and other steam road vehicles. These models were aimed at the toy market, so were simple to operate and ran at low boiler pressures for safety but were not accurate scale models.

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The not so ‘perfect’guide to being a single mother…

To be honest, no one can ever teach you how to be a parent, no one can ever prepare you for all that comes with your new parent status.

You seem to think about all the nice and happy stuff, the cuddles the pictures, the first steps , the first teeth or first hair cut, but no one can really prepare you for the long nights of colic, the teething pain that you endure just as much as your child- as there is nothing you can do to comfort them, yet you feel the pain just as much.

nobody prepares you for the tiredness that you will endure the rest of your life, whether it be night feeds, sickness or even just worry,,, and to be honest nobody prepares you for the loneliness you can feel, there is only so much iggle piggle and peppa pig you can take.

being a single parent i have endured all of the above, it’s been hard at times, and i know harder times are coming… the drunken nights, the girlfriends OMG nothing will prepare me for that.

But in all honesty them struggles I’ve endured have made me the strong independent woman I am today ,,, a full time worker and a full time single mother.  So my advice to anyone is – put the self help books down, do not compare yourself to others… and there is no such thing as being a ‘perfect mother’. 🙂


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The Unmummsy mum

This is a fantastic book about the reality of having children. The author (Sarah Turner) is open and honest about her experiences.  It made me feel a normal mother.

I look forward to reading the next book

Have you read it, write your thoughts on the book in the comments below.


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